What Customers Have Planned

-My suggestion is that people with pets make a plan for these eventualities.  I keep a folder on each of my furkids and my parrot.  It gives their feeding, current vet records, who to call in an emergency, and where my pets go if something happens to me.

- First of all have somebody you know who will agree to either take the pets permanently or find good homes for them.  Secondly, get this information put into your will.  Everyone should have one of those anyway.

-I would try to encourage the people doing the re-homing to try to place the animal with a local person, so they can meet the people, ideally at their home, as a step to determine if the animal is going to a loving home.

-We have included our animals in our Will, in VA, that is allowed and a provision is made.  That being said, my very best dog buddy (and cat buddy) is named to care for our pets, with sufficient funding, for the life of each pet...many folks get agreements with rescue organizations too

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  1. I have a copy of "Not Without My Dog," by Jenny Pavlovic.(8 State Kate Press,2010). It has a place for photos of my dog, recording her chip number, places to document yearly vet records, pouches for rabies certs/spay-neuter certs. It keeps all the info in one place, and makes it easy to access. Ruby stayed with my mom over Thanksgiving while I flew home to AZ for a week. When her foot got injured on ice, they took the book with them to the vet, who was impressed with the comprehensive information.