Parrots/Birds Needing Homes

Dear Bird Lovers,

An artist friend of mine needs to find a good home for her Amazon pair.  They were wild-caught many years ago and have lived with her for 18 years.  My friend's husband died a year ago, and she needs to return to Europe to retire.  She cannot take the Amazons with her because they do not have banded-bracelets and so she does not believe they can go with her. 

These birds are in great health and are really loved.  Both are male but they are really inseparably close and cannot be separated.  Their names are Saky and Coda: both born in Central America, Saky (Socrates) is 27, born in 1984 and Coda is 24 years old.  They love music and funny loud people, and would probably get along beautifully with a family.  They hang out for most of the day on a climbing tree in my friend's art studio... and in a covered cage at night.  They will stay in a cage when no one is home.  They are on a good diet: 7 grains, rice, quinoa, winter berries, millet, Mung beans, in a MASH with veggies.  They also love organic fruits, corn, pasta, chicken bones, organic nuts and seeds and so on.  They do not eat pellets. 

Saky is the most trusting and will lie upside down in his pet human's lap to have his feet massaged.  Coda is also hand-tamed, but is not trusting enough to lie on the lap and be handled all over.  Coda is the boss between the two birds. 

My friend lives on Long Island in New York State, but she is willing to find a home for them anywhere in the United States.  Her biggest concern is to find a loving person or family who can take good care of them.  There is no big rush.  They also live with a Grey named Jodok and a 12 year old dog named Zeze, so they get along with other animals.  The dog and Grey can go to Europe, since Jodok has a bracelet and Zeze has his papers.

Attached are pictures of these beautiful birds.  PLEASE cross-post this message and get back to me if you are interested or have any ideas for this precious pair of Amazons.  Please contact me at

Thanks & Blessings,