Sunday, February 5, 2012

I've found my new Love - It's a Pressure Washer

14 parrots, means a lot of parrot cages to clean it's never bothered me before but as I get older, I've have had parrots now for 10 years, my hands have a harder time cleaning everything.  My dad bought a gas powered pressure washer.  The weather was finally nice enough to try it out and I literally hugged him after the first couple cages.  It takes minutes now to do what it was taking me an hour (per cage) to do.  Between the two of us we can now take cages up one flight of stairs and out the door.  We even blasted off the parrot perches in minutes the best purchase ever!  Such a relief this was something that was taking so much time and I didn't feel I was doing a good job.  If you have a lot of parrots = lots of parrot cages well worth the investment.  Now I can get back to getting fun time with them.

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