Friday, February 3, 2012

Just Another Friday Night on the E-I-E-I-O Farm

The weather is still being temperamental so I've always got my eye on the thermometer on my phone, on my computer in my bedroom which actually beams the temperature on the ceiling why you ask because I worry about the critters outside (the chickens).  If it's heading below 28 degrees F the heat lamps go on.  So tonight thinking it was going to be warmer in the 30's I was surprised to see the temperature plummeting.  I had shut the lights off and I was heading outside to turn them back on when who do I find in our backyard but Spirit the Pony awfully proud of himself prancing around all excited that he was in the yard IN THE YARD!  I snagged my dad to help me and Duke the border collie herding puppy came out and between the three of us we got him back into the pasture with Duke running behind him and giving him one good lap in the pasture to remind him where he belonged :0).  Still scratching my head to how this had happened Dad realized when he'd taken the trailer out earlier he hadn't shut the big gate to the pasture.  Luckily it was just into our yard he pranced and the goats hadn't realized they could get in THAT WOULD BE HILARIOUS.  I have to say at 9:00 in the evening there's nothing like a good laugh outside it was hilarious watching him run around kicking his feet up all proud of himself.

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